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E-Z Install

Unlike other room darkening window shade solutions that are expensive, hard to install, or permanent, Solardark installs quick and easy. Simply measure, cut and stick. That's it. No holes to drill or complicated directions to follow. Solardark stays put until you take it down without the need for expensive repair work after it's removed.

All you need to install Solardark is a pencil, ruler and scissors. The best part is Solardark works and installs in minutes.

E-Z Install steps:

  1. Measure the desired length.
  2. Cut Solardark with scissors.
  3. Stick Solardark to the window frame with the included hook and loop tape.

Done! Pull down the shade and clip it in place.
That's it, installed in five minutes or less per window.

What's included (And not included):

  • Five 36" Solardark clips
  • Hook and loop mounting tape

(Roller shades not included.)

My husband and I are so delighted with our new Solardark shade clips. After so many years of struggling to sleep during the day, I am now getting a great "days" sleep and have so much more energy! I still can't believe how easy and inexpensive the solution was! The installation was simple, and I just painted them to match my window sill. Thank you!!

~ Janet, Spring, TX

My Mom bought these new shades for our movie room and I'm so glad. There was always a reflection of the room in the tv screen from the light coming in the window. Now, it's completely dark and so much more fun to watch movies!

~ Julia B., Newport Beach, CA

Just wanted to let you know how much i am enjoying your SolarDark Shade Clips. I work nights and try to sleep during the day, until I started using your product. Now its nice and dark, no sunlight coming in around the blinds, and i'm actually getting 8 hours of sleep during the day. Again, thanks and I'll be telling my co-workers about your product!!

~ Chuck A., Mobile, AL

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